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Patrick JAY's Services

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As the host he promotes interactivity and information transmission by interacting with the international audience.

International Evenings

For a 10X conviviality, celebrating colleagues and clients in a festive atmosphere.

International Seminars

He fosters cohesion and motivation, establishes a team engagement atmosphere.

Coach in public speaking

He prepares presenters to express their ideas fluidly and to actively engage in debates in English.

Award Ceremonies

He makes the laureates stand out and creates a memorable atmosphere for the guests.


He helps VIPs convey their messages, make their expertise shine, he stimulates dialogue, encourages profitable exchanges

Round Tables - Debates

He energizes, structures, revives exchanges in round tables, panels and debates, facilitates the expression of viewpoints.

TV Vidéos

He helps broadcasting messages through audiovisual production at corporate events and international professional exhibitions.

  • Broadcasting events in English on the internet is crucial due to its "snowball effect".

  • All event services can be republished on the international YouTube channels of the people present at the events.

  • All event services may be instantly republished on the international Facebook pages of the people present at the events.

  • All event services can be recorded and instantly republished on Twitter, then reposted on the international LinkedIn pages of the people present at the events.

From energizing your conventions to conducting engaging interviews.

Fostering messages sharing and international collaboration.

Presenter on stage at convention


Golden sign showing awards ceremnony

Awards Ceremonies.

Festive atmosphere at corporate evening

Corporate Evenings.

audience seated and microphone at round table

Round tables - colloques.

Team exhilarated and celebrating at seminar


Host journalist interviewing VIP at event


journalist speaking before camera on tv

Videos TV.

coachee practicing public speaking during coaching



Patrick JAY : Your European Emcee

Host - Master of Ceremonies
bilingual English - French

Global Gatherings


Patrick Jay is a seasoned master of ceremonies and presenter on the international stage, performing in both English and French.

He skillfully orchestrates English-speaking seminars, conventions, and award presentations, while also directing roundtable discussions, panel dialogues, and television broadcasts.

Working hand-in-hand with event management and audiovisual production agencies, he plays a key role in shaping and executing corporate events.

A cornerstone of his expertise lies in steering lively roundtable discussions, facilitating engaging debates, and navigating televised panel conversations.

Furthermore, he steps into the corporate realm of workshops and seminars, enhancing team motivation, creating incentive programs, fostering team building, and promoting cooperative work dynamics – all through the lens of effective professional communication.


Contact Patrick JAY
microphones for journalist facilitator host master of ceremonies

Let's get to know each other in (almost) real time!

Let me introduce you to the full spectrum of my services, spanning from moderating dynamic debates to providing public speaking coaching!


Let's Get Acquainted "Live"

It was a genuine joy to host the Kick-Off Meeting for Bausch & Lomb Europe, an event organized by EVEA agency.

This memorable gathering took place in the beautifully sun-soaked city of Marrakech.


1. You share your request

Specify your needs and objectives, the targeted audience, the context, your constraints, etc.

2. You receive a response within 24h

You get an initial response immediately, followed by a refined proposal within 24 hours

3. Once agreed, we set the modalities

I organize the hosting, making it ready to run

4. I host your event in English!

I host your event from start to finish!