Hello, I am Patrick JAY, Your EMEA Emcee in Paris, France!

I am a seasoned emcee, host and moderator, with an experience of twenty years on stage (conventions, seminars, debates, round tables, TV sets, etc). I'm based in Paris, France and operate mostly all over the EMEA area.


I emcee your events : conventions, award ceremonies, kick off meetings, seminars, etc.


I moderate your round tables, debates, panels, etc.


I make your guests stories and messages stand out with sharp and articulate interactions


I bring your contributors to their next level of excellence when facing their audience.

A taste of my performances!

Just before the pandemic curtain went down, in March 2020, it was my pleasure to host the Bausch & Lomb Event in Marrakech, Morocco.

A good intro is a good start !

Creating rapport with the audience! First things first, creating rapport at the start is key for the smooth and efficient run-down of the event.


Getting things organized!

Giving the audience the bearings they need to orient themselves throughout the event is another key to get & keep them engaged!

Some telling references!

 A couple of companies I proudly served! I have had the pleasure to serve many of the most world renowned companies; what about yours?


Craving for some crispy public speaking tips?

Here are a few of them, fresh from the oven (well, the stage...)






















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